“The latest and best cinematic treatment of Darger’s art and life” ARTINFO.COM

From Outtakes – David D’Arcy on film – ARTINFO.COM David D’Arcy’s Review of Chris Sullivan’s ‘Consuming Spirits’:

While watching Consuming Spirits, I was haunted by what looked like its affinities with Henry Darger (1892-1973), the janitor who lived alone in Chicago – where Sullivan lives – and wrote and drew endless sagas of interplanetary war between armies of blonde girls and murderous creatures, which he traced and pasted onto huge sheets of paper. Darger, the outsider flavor of the month in recent years, devoted what is thought to be the longest novel ever written to the same subject. Only after Darger died did his landlord who ”inherited” piles of his work know that the odd man had a creative streak, and that he spent a nightmarish childhood in state homes. (See Revolutions of the Night: The Enigma of Henry Darger, by Mark Stokes, which was at the International Festival of Films on Art [FIFA] in Montreal this March, for the latest and best cinematic treatment of Darger’s art and life.)


David D’Arcy on film

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