Mark Stokes studied at Cambridge University. His previous films include landmark documentaries on artists Joseph Cornell and Cindy Sherman. He formed Quale Films to document the Henry Darger discovery.

Producer, editor, composer Wayne Balmer studied fine art with sound sculptor Max Eastley. He has collaborated on many renowned films including ‘The Very Strange Story of the Legendary Joe Meek’, about the maverick and murderous British record producer, as well as previous films with Mark Stokes.

Robert McNab is a documentary Film Producer with a post-graduate degree in Art History from the Courtauld Institute, London.  For BBC Radio 4 he wrote and narrated the Sony Award-winning ‘Landscape of Fear’ about culture in Vichy France. He is the author of Ghost Ships: A Surrealist Love Triangle published by Yale University Press.

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Henry Darger’s art and writings © Kiyoko Lerner